TapSocial for WordPress

Display a fully customizable Twitter and Facebook news ticker on your website

Our mission has been to create a simple yet fully customizable Twitter and Facebook plugin for WordPress which allows anyone, no matter how tech or design savvy, to add a great looking feed right on their WordPress site.
  • Twitter and Facebook real-time streaming
  • Custom Messages written by you can be streamed as well
  • Specific #Hashtags of interest can be added to your stream to support special interests and events
  • Easy Connection with no need for Facebook or Twitter App IDs
  • Responsive and mobile optimized to match your WordPress theme
  • Powerful shortcodes for pages and posts
  • Smooth Animation with hover-over pause and clickable interactions
Go Social
Business Owners – Engage your website visitors through social media.  Keep site visitors informed of your real-time messaging and encourage them to engage with you socially.
Designers and Developers – Think outside of the box.  Building an executive’s dashboard?  A political campaign’s homepage?  A corporate intranet?  Provide a simple, effective and unique social media experience.

Setup is Super Simple

Step 2

Customize your plugin settings

  • Enter your unique Activation Key
  • Select your display options
  • Use the easy short code generator
Step 3

Add TapSocial to your site:

  • Insert the shortcode into your desired posts or pages, or
  • Insert it into your overall theme, or
  • Add it to your theme’s PHP files

No design or technical knowledge required

The TapSocial for WordPress plugin looks great on your site right out of the box. It’s designed to inherit the same fonts, colors and other styles that your WordPress theme uses and your biggest decision is simply where to display your new social ticker.  We provide numerous customization options so that you can fine tune exactly how it looks and the content you wish to stream.


Responsively designed and mobile optimized

Never before have you been able to add a smoothly animated, social media news ticker to a mobile-optimized website. Any device and any screen size will recognize and appreciate the TapSocial for WordPress plugin.


Powerful shortcodes + Shortcode generator

TapSocial for WordPress utilizes shortcodes to allow you to display and customize as many Twitter and Facebook settings, as well as animation and visual settings as you like. Simply use the Shortcode Help settings page to quickly select options and generate the shortcode you need. Paste into any post or page. The options show here are but a few of the 15 shortcode attributes available, with innumerable options within each attribute.


So many features

TapSocial for WordPress comes with numerous Twitter, Facebook and Custom Messaging features…

  • Twitter: Search strings, #hashtags, optionally show only your Tweets, optionally exclude replies, optionally allow links to option in a new window/tab
  • Facebook: Select the stream to show (yours or one of your business/organization pages)
  • Custom Messages: Write as many messages as you like, and they will intersperse into the stream as if they were a Tweet or Post
  • Speed: slow, normal and fast options
  • Orientation: display horizontally or vertically to meet your needs
  • Size: Configurable height and width for both horizontal and vertical tickers
  • Style: Inherit from your theme or use our light or dark schemes