Digital Signage is a great way to engage attendees to events such as conferences, corporate meetings, and more. These solutions keep attendees informed about upcoming events, schedules, real-time weather and news, and so much more.

Implementing a digital signage solution in your event or conference with TapSocial Digital Signage is now cost effective and quick to implement.

Digital Signage at ConferenceEngage your conference or event attendees with TapSocial Digital Signage! Use your flat screen TV to stream fresh, informative and entertaining content all day, every day.

  • Promotions & Sales: Inform your guests of upcoming special offers, discounts, and new service offerings.
  • Faculty Profiles: Introduce event speakers.
  • Events: Promote upcoming events, speeches, workshops, lectures, and more.
  • Photo Album: Show off memorable events from the conference.
  • News: Stream real-time headlines from Reuters™ in one or more categories of interest to your guests.
  • Social Media: Stream a real-time and customized feed from Twitter.
  • Weather: Stream real-time weather updates so that attendees know when to pack an umbrella, coat or flip flops.
  • Customize to your style: TapSocial Digital Signage is fully customizable from a look & feel perspective, so choose your own backgrounds, upload your event’s logo, and much more.

Compared to more costly digital signage solutions, TapSocial Digital Signage is as easy as 1-2-3: A flat panel TV (720p or 1080p recommended), a computer or set-top box that can access the internet with the Google Chrome browser, and internet service are the only requirements. Our secure site makes managing content very easy to do!