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How do I launch my Digital Sign?

Log in to TapSocial Digital Signage.

Make sure your sign has content: logos, appearance options, graphics, and more.

Click the “Launch Your Digital Sign” button. A new tab will open in your browser.

While on the Digital Sign tab, enter your browser’s Full Screen or Presentation Mode. This will fill your display with the Digital Sign.

How do I use this with Chromecast?

Follow all instructions for connecting Chromecast to your television and home network. Also, ensure the Chromecast plugin is installed in your computer’s Chrome browser.

In the Chrome browser, once you have logged in, configured your Digital Sign, and clicked the “Launch Your Digital Sign”, click to the Digital Sign’s tab.

Next, click the Google Cast button (looks like a rectangle with wi-fi waves) in the Chrome browser. This is adjacent to the URL text box in the upper right-hand corner.

Select the Chromecast device to which you wish to cast the tab. This will beam the Digital Sign to your television.

Can one TapSocial Digital Signage account be used for multiple displays?

Yes! Unlike our competitors, you can log into as many devices as you wish and launch your digital sign.

Can I display to multiple Chromecast devices at once with one TapSocial Digital Signage account?

There is a 1 to 1 relationship between the Chrome browser and a Chromecast device. One Chrome browser cannot cast content (Digital Signage or any other content) to multiple Chromecast devices. This is a Google-imposed limitation, not ours. We have submitted formal requests to Google to enable a 1 to many relationship – stay tuned!

There are workarounds. For example, you could use multiple PCs or inexpensive Tablets with the Chrome browser, log in to TapSocial Digital Signage on each one, and cast their unique Chrome browsers to their unique Chromecast devices.