Cloud-based Digital Signage for Small Businesses

TapSocial is the industry-leading digital signage platform used by retail stores, restaurants, academies, and municipalities to engage visitors and generate real business results.


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 Engage your guests digitally 

TapSocial’s cloud-based platform allows you to quickly create and display information, photos, events, real-time streaming social media and more to your visitors anytime, with no special hardware requirements. 



No coding required! Create rich, engaging content in just minutes, and configure it from anywhere you have an internet connection!



No special hardware required! Simply connect your 720p or 1080p flat screen TV to a computer, ASUS Chromebit or Chromecast device to stream your sign in minutes!



Log in to your TapSocial account to display your digital sign inside of your lobby, exhibit hall, customer lounge – practically anywhere you like!

You focus on what’s important – the content – and TapSocial does the rest.

TapSocial’s online Sign Studio is designed to make creating beautiful signs for your business easy. Its simple interface allows signs to be generated in just a few basic steps, with additional customization options available for advanced use.

Need help getting started? After signing up for your account, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to configure your first sign – free of charge!

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Even if technology isn’t your thing, we make setup easy.

Most digital signage providers sell you their expensive, proprietary equipment that is only good for their product. Not TapSocial! All equipment you need is available from us, your favorite online retailer or your local electronics store. It’s as easy as setting up a television in your own living room.

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One low monthly fee

Only $20 per month to display identical content across multiple TVs.

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* If you would like a single account with unique content across multiple TVs, contact us for information on our custom account package and pricing.


Equipment from TapSocial

All of the equipment you need for digital signage is available at your local electronics store – that’s the point!

By purchasing directly from TapSocial, we will ensure that you receive equipment tested in our engineering division, optimized for your business, with clear instructions on setup and configuration.

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What Our Clients Say

TapSocial customers range from Sole Proprietorships to City Municipalities. We listen and act upon our customers’ feedback to ensure TapSocial Digital Signage enhances and best supports their operations. Here are just a few quotes from our customers.

  • Easy to set up.  Simple to update.  Anyone can do it!  What more can I say?  A great way to promote specials in our bakery without spending a lot of time and money on it.  Love it!

    Kelly P
    Bakery Manager
  • Our patients kept asking “When are you going to put a TV in here?”, meaning a TV for our waiting room.  Our office is in a very diverse area, so finding a TV station that suits everyone is nearly impossible.  We investigated TapSocial Digital Signage at the encouragement of one of our patients who runs it in his business.  It’s simple and effective – exactly what we needed.

    Alisa T
    Primary Care Physician
  • When I came to my new salon as manager, I wanted a TV in our waiting area, but wanted content that showcased our abilities as stylists.  With TapSocial Digital Signage, we regularly upload photos of our best work and get a lot of special requests as a result.  It has been great for business!

    Janet B
    Hair Salon Manager
  • My customers are in and out all day, either picking up computer equipment they’ve ordered or that we’ve repaired for them.  I wanted a sleek way to promote our sales and to highlight my team’s expertise.  TapSocial Digital Signage was very quick and easy to set up, and I can modify it from anywhere I’m connected to the internet.  Since we’re a computer repair shop, that’s almost everywhere!

    Jeff C
    Computer Repair
  • I was looking for a way to keep clients entertained while they waited for their appointments.  I was hesitant to leave the TV on CNN all day, because you never know what sort of debates they might get into.  I discovered TapSocial Digital Signage almost by accident.  So glad I did!

    Luke M
    College Admissions Consulting

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